I worked in Veniam and did some interesting projects.

As a general Designer, I was doing a bit of everything, from Collateral design to Dashboards for Veniam platforms. I also did some technical sheets for some of their products

However, the most exciting project was its rebranding. Veniam was already in the market and the logo was a bit dated, but it worked perfectly.

Old Veniam Logo

They asked me to work sometime in their rebranding and I realized that I needed to keep some of the old elements, but add a more modern style

I choose to keep the car shape under the lettering, using different, uppercase lettering, and instead of the wireless shape, add a new symbol in this case, inside the logo

The new Logo and some applications - Businesscard, Netrider™ and a Cover

UI projects

I also did some other projects. One of them was the dashboard of operations. I did the design taking the feedback from engineers and other stakeholders like clients that needed this software to track their fleet.

Icon Design

As part of the DASHBOARD work, an Icon set was also needed to be develop

Technical Sheets

Some of my time was spent doing technical designs. These were a great challenge since I was never experienced in this kind of design and it's crucial to explain how Veniam products were assembled in a cristal clear message